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 Board Of Directors 

Hafiz Adnan Khalid

Hafiz Adnan is an Academic Scholar, holding a MA in Divinity from the University of Chicago. He regularly delivers Friday Khutbahs and leads Taraweeh prayers.

Shehzad Qureshi

Brother Shehzad has volunteered for over a decade with the local masjid. He has a strong desire for establishing a nurturing Islamic environment tailored for our youth.

Faisal Ahmad

Brother Faisal has been an activist in the Seattle Muslim Community for over 20 year, nurturing youth and volunteering his time to support Islamic projects.

Mufti Saeed Bulhan

Mufti Saeed heads the spiritual board and is an advocate for peace, humanity, integration and deals issues faces Muslims of West.

Arif Samad

Brother Arif has held many senior roles in top Tech companies and is passionate about STEM, and providing learning platforms for our Muslim youth.

Abdur Rehman Younus

Brother Abdur Rehman is an Engineer at Puget Sound Energy, volunteering with CAIR-WA, IEEE & ICOPS

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