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 Meet our Faculty & Staff 

Math & Science Learning Coach

Madiha Asghar

Sr. Madiha has completed multiple certified workshops through Oxford University Press.

Quran Teacher

Isatou (Aisha) Darboe

Sr. Aisha enjoys working with children and seeing them grow and achieve their goals.

Learning Coach

Susan Haq

Sr. Susan enjoys working with children and watching them learn and grow. She is excited to join our team.

Islamic Studies Director

Imam Bazi

Imam Bazi is serving as an Imam, Khatib and Youth Mentor for the Muslim Community.

K6 Curriculum Supervisor

Amina Ahmed

Sister Amina leads our K-6 online program, providing support to learning coaches, parents, and students.

Learning Coach

Fouzia Nadeem

Sr. Fouzia has finished her college overseas and has several years of teaching experience.

Senior Administrator

Juwairiyyah Sheikh

Juwairiyyah works remotely for Cordoba academy as the head administrator.

Learning Coach

Sana Khan

Sr. Sana enjoys working with children, aiding them in academic careers, and helping students.

Math & Science Learning Coach

Tehmina Zeb

Tehmina served as a teacher, was a part of an Islamic Speakers Bureau throughout the US.

Learning Coach

Sulaiman al-Akbari

Brother Sulaiman is a passionate STEM professional who wants to help children succeed.

ELA Learning Coach

Asma Qureshi

Sister Asma grew up in Seattle and has been at CA for over 4 years. She helps students learn and grow their ELA skills.

Islamic Studies
Girls Teacher

Afshan Qureshi

Sister Afshan is a devoted mother and has taught and supported girls at Cordoba for many years now.

Learning Coach

Shannon Truong

Sister Shannon (Aaliyah) is a STEM inventor who has spent the last two years building Cordoba Academy's Preschool and Kindergarten program.

Art Teacher

Joan O-Malley

Teacher Joan has spent many years working with children and provides arts and crafts every week to the students.

Tutor Assistant

Christina Reynolds

Teacher Christina is a mentor and 1 on 1 tutor for all students needing extra support during their academic journey at Cordoba.

Pre-K and Kindergarten Teaching Assistant

Sunnia Khalid

Sister Sunnia has over 20 years of experience working with children for Department of Early Learning Care centers in North Seattle. 

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