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Mufti Saeed Bulhan

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Mufti Saeed Bulhan was born in Egypt and raised in Melbourne, Australia by refugee parents. Before embarking on his religious pursuit of knowledge, he graduated in the top 6% of the country, receiving acceptance into the renowned Melbourne University where he majored in Neuropharmacology and Neurochemistry. 

Studying the sacred, higher Islamic Sciences for over ten years under the tutelage of reputable senior scholars from around the world, he has been granted several ijazaat (licenses to teach) in Qur’an recitation, jurisprudence, theology, and Hadith (among others) and has taught the sacred texts of Tirmidhi and Abu Dawood.  Mufti Saeed has travelled throughout the subcontinent, Africa, Europe, and North America giving dawah, teaching, counseling youth, and assisting masaajid in developing programs to guide the Muslim community.

With a unique outlook on life, he is an advocate for peace, humanity, and integration, and has a pragmatic approach for dealing with issues facing Muslims in the west.

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