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Innovative School:

Adnan Khalid, a founding member of Cordoba Academy, has spent years, and countless hours listening to the voices of immigrant minority populations in North Seattle—from Northgate to Everett. It has become very apparent, through their resounding and unified voice, that they see a need for an innovative school that is designed to support their cultural competencies and accommodate their Islamic values. They want a safe place where their children can receive a quality STEM education and develop socially and emotionally in a healthy manner.

Muslim populations have been some of the most marginalized, misunderstood, and targeted minority groups in America. Their educational needs have never been met in the existence of this country. This is especially true of Muslim minority populations who have had to deal with an increase in hate speech, anti-immigration rhetoric, and bullying at schools in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential elections (Muslim ban in America). Parents grow concerned that their children are victims of harassment and especially females who are easily identifiable because of their hijab (headscarf). 



Turn key 7k + Sq FL education center with 5 large classrooms, 5 private office spaces, large conference room, 35 + parking slots, large kitchen, Playground, Storage area, and more!


Near the jaguar dealership at the cross-section of 15 and 1405 Address: 3210 200th PL SE Lynwood, WA 98035

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