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Cordoba Academy provides an integrated curriculum of both spiritual and material subjects (Deeni wa Dunyawi); striving to exceed Washington State standards, while enriching our children with foundational Islamic knowledge.


Our approach is the product of countless hours of collaborated research and feedback from Muslim scholars (Ulema), university professors, academics, educators & parents.


We use a triangle-based approach to learning which flows from Teachers to Students & Parents.

Here is a general breakdown of our Syllabus:




Islamic Studies

  • ·Qur’an (beginner to hifz)

  •  Students are taught to recite Qur’an with Tajwid (according to the rules and regulations)


·Islamic History & Civilization

  • Students are taught the stories of the Prophets (Qasas al-Ambiya) and life of Prophet Muhammad (seerah).


· Adab (etiquettes)

  •  Students are taught civility and  Prophetic manners.


·Du'a memorization

  • Students are taught from the masnoon du’a of the Prophet.

Social Studies

  • According to the standards that align with CCSS.


Arts and Crafts

  •  Students are taught painting, craft making, sewing, home economics and more.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

  • Math

  • Science


Language Arts

English & Arabic

Additionally, we supplement state required learning outcomes with additional learning sessions to enhance and progress our students beyond public school standards.

This includes Field Trips, Human Anatomy & Physiology.


Out of the many choices of curriculum, we have chosen the Washington Virtual Academy (WAVA) model for classroom instruction for grades 5-6. 

For grades 1-4, we use Columbia Virtual Academy.


For more information, including a full look into the academic curriculum, please visit WAVA at

For more information into CVA please visit their website at

Grades 1-6 Program

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One of the most important aspects of our program is to teach islamic aqida and social studies to shape a well-informed world view.

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Students develop an understanding of shapes and colors to enhance creativity

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Play time

Cordoba offers adequate recess time for students to co-mingle and develop social skills

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Language Arts

ELA & Arabic words and imagery familiarize children with Islam's native language.

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Quran circle

Students learn how to read and begin memorizing Surah's.

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English & Math

English and Math lay the foundation for proper grammar and STEM skills. 


Your child must be between ages 6 years old  by the end of August of the current calendar year. ​ Instructions runs Monday - Thursday 8:45am - 3:30pm, Friday 9am-11:30am. Please see enrollment page for details.


$450/month for the 2022-2023 school year.

Please note: No one is turned away due to financial hardship. Please see the enrollment page for details.

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