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The Cordoba Academy Director

Our school director is an administrative leader responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a school, including managing staff, developing policies, and ensuring compliance with educational standards. They are often the face of the school and act as a liaison between the school and the community.


Hafiz Adnan Khalid has been fulfilling the role as acting director for 5 years now at Cordoba Academy.

Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors in Cordoba Academy are responsible for setting the School's vision and mission, as they ensure that all actions being performed adhere to, and are related to that mission. The directors also support the school director in various roles and capacities to ensure the organization is spiritually, fiscally and operationally healthy.

Instructors and Teachers

The instructors and teachers of Cordoba Academy are very creative, indicative, passionate, caring, grateful, innovative and motivated with commendable skills for helping children learn, guiding, and helping solve a problem. They inspire children to do well in life and set them up for spiritual and academic success in the world.

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